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Improve your skills through our comprehensive professional training courses and programs.

We offer open enrollment courses for individuals looking for personal development and customizable in-house training programs to match your business’s specific needs and enhance company capabilities.

Our Courses

Enhance your professional skills with our comprehensive online training and workshops in People and Business Agility. Our courses are accredited by ICAgile, ensuring you receive globally recognized training. Available in multiple languages, our programs have empowered over 4,500 individuals worldwide to advance their careers.

Our unique approach incorporates the "Training from the back of the room" methodology—a brain-based learning framework that places the learner at the heart of the course design and delivery. This method ensures an engaging and practical learning experience tailored to your needs.

Discover the perfect course for you today and confidently take the next step in your professional journey by exploring our offerings now!

Business Agility Foundation

The Business Agility Foundations course is the perfect starting point for understanding the shift in thinking necessary to enable agility and embracing a flexible and adaptable mindset to gain business agility.

Leading with

Are you practicing the Leadership you aspire to? It does not happen by chance but by working continuously to improve and grow. To change others, you must start by being the change you want to see.

Agility in

With the Agile HR course, you will understand how to deliver an attractive Employee Experience and transform your HR practice to fit organizational needs.

Leading & Growing People

Our Leading & Growing People course will provide the skills you need to create thriving environments for individuals, teams, and teams of teams within an agile organization.

Agility in

Our Agility in Finance course will give you the skills Finance needs to drive Business Agility and operate in an Agile organization.  Learn how to navigate the shift from fixed budgets to incremental funding.

Our Programs

For the ultimate learning experience, our programs offer a carefully curated combination of different courses, each developed to enhance and elevate your understanding for a broader knowledge base. Focusing on people-centric leadership and learning organizations, these tracks are tailored to deepen your expertise in areas that align with your experience or interests. By cultivating skills relevant to modern, adaptable, and flexible organizations, you'll not only enhance your capabilities in your current role but also increase your appeal for future opportunities.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your career—enroll in one of our programs today and take a significant step toward professional growth in people-centric leadership and organizational learning!

Agility In

This program enables you to lead and navigate in an ever-changing business environment. To change others, you must start with yourself, learn how to grow, and create a work environment where people can be their best.

Agility In
HR Track

With this program, you will be able to understand how HR can support and drive organizational agility. To be able to deliver an attractive Employee Experience, you would need to truly understand organizational needs and how to develop people in an agile organization.

People Coach

In future work, Managers will need to take an Agile People Coaches’ role; to deeply understand and grow your people and to support the team to become high-performing. With this program, you will develop leadership competencies to understand what role you need to take in different situations.

Upcoming Training

Advance your professional skills with our Professional Certification courses in Agile People and ICAgile. Choose between an immersive 2-day workshop or ten engaging 2-hour online sessions. Each path is crafted to enhance your expertise and adaptability in a changing business landscape.

Enroll now and take a significant step in your career development with our expert-led training that delivers impactful results.

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